We are really happy to welcome you for Inner Peace Bucharest 2017!


Here is the following program for the 4 amazing days coming all together !


Program :

Saturday 8th of April :

-8.30am to  4pm  : Inner Peace Training 

-5pm : Rama Puja at the ashram

(Address Ashram : Strada Odei 30, sector 4 , Bucharest)


Sunday 9th of April :

-9 am to 9pm : Inner Peace Training


Monday 10th of April :

1st day -Inner Peace Day in Schools 

and at 5pm feedback session and musical program in the evening


Tuesday 11th of April :

Last day -Inner Peace day in Schools


Place of the program, puja and workshop :


Hostel Formenerg

Bd.Georghe Sincal nr.3, sector 4


Metro Tineretului